Posters and graphics

All of the following posters and graphics are available free for downloading, printing and sharing. There are also others throughout the website and Facebook page.

Click on any of the images to go to that image, and use your browser or the short cut icon at the bottom of the page to save, download, print or share. Images are less than 500KB in size, if higher resolution versions are wanted for printing posters, then please email us and we can send them to you.

If possible, if you are sharing on line if you can tag us or link to our website or Facebook page we would appreciate it.


most important


do you say sorry?

This one was put up in a doctors surgery in Colorado, and 2c years later a photo of it was taken by someone in the waiting room. That picture was shared on Facebook, which then went viral. For interviews and reports on what happened, what inspired the post, and interviews with Rachel Heap (who wrote it) take a look at this link.


NRVS poster veggies


NRVS poster breast feeding


Vaccines and how they work


train hard, fight easy




breakthrough disease



Community (herd) immunity

clusters matter


protect our baby

Vaccination is a community issue


protect me


NRVS poster pertussis


who needs a whooping cough vaccine


third trimester pertussis boosters


NRVS poster asthma


never get it



Adult immunisations

childcare boosters


adult immunisation table


adult under 60


adults over 60


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders


chronic health


health and child care





Page reviewed June 2021.


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