Our Stories

These are our stories.

The admins;

Other members of the NRVS, including more detail about;

  • Chris as he shares his experience of trying to help fight a measles epidemic with you here.
  • Jesse’s battle with chickenpox is shared here, and Julian’s is here.
  • Richard’s recollections of having hepatitis here.
  • Maureen’s miserable memories of measles can be found here.
  • The McCaffrey’s have written an open letter about their daughter, and how pertussis took her life, here.
  • Dave Hawkes speaks of how his son was exposed to pertussis (whooping cough) here.
  • Jessica and Cecily talk about the reality of their experiences with measles here.
  • Marty tells his story about being a survivor of meningococcal disease here.
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