An introduction to the Vaccine Chronicles has been made just for us!

An introduction to the Vaccination Chronicles has been made specifically for Northern Rivers residents. Take a look at it here.

Having a baby is a very special experience for any young parent. But imagine what it would be like to live with the fear that at anytime that baby could become seriously ill and even die from a preventable disease.

This was the everyday reality for our grandparents and the countless generations before them.

The Vaccination Chronicles is a documentary film by Richard Saunders with stories from real people who know first-hand what it’s like to see family members suffer from diseases we hardly hear about today. It’s a powerful message for today’s parents wondering about vaccinating their own children.

The full documentary is available on online, and is free to view and show in public without seeking permission.

You can also order the DVD of the documentary via The DVD is autographed by Richard Saunders, and is available for only $12, which includes production and postage to anywhere in the world. The DVD includes extra interviews, archival newspaper reports and other features from the 1940s and 1950s. The art work for the DVD and the cover are included on the DVD itself. Once you have the DVD, it’s your job to copy it and pass it along to as any people as you wish. They in turn are encouraged to do the same.

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