About us

We are a group of parents, locals, and health care providers trying to reduce the risk of epidemics of preventable disease in our community.


Mission Statement

The core administrators of the group, facebook page, and website are; Alison Gaylard, mother and nursing student, Heidi Robertson, mother and former paramedic, who now runs a first aid business, Debbie Procter, mother and immunisation nurse, Rachel Heap, Intensive Care specialist doctor, Sarah Farrand, mother and doctor, Kathy McGrath, mother with a science degree in human nutrition and musculoskeletal therapies background, and Trevor Lowe, scientist and nurse.

We have all had first hand experience of vaccine preventable diseases. We have had them, our kids have had them, and we have cared for patients with them. We know only too well the true horrors of how awful these diseases can be.

To prevent others suffering, we want to send a positive message out there to people who are confused or hesitant about vaccinations, to provide honest and clear information, and to support one another as we strive to prevent infectious disease.

We are doing this completely independently, and receive no funding support.

Within our larger group of members some have had first hand experience of the diseases we are trying to prevent, whilst others have been involved on the frontline fighting to save lives and prevent disease, both here in Australia, and overseas. Some are parents, some are grandparents. Some are health care providers. Most are locals. We come from all walks of life.

But one thing we all have in common: we all vaccinate.

These are our stories.

The admins;

Other members of the NRVS briefly describe why they vaccinate here (scroll through the album for various responses), and some of them share their stories in more detail below;

  • Chris as he shares his experience of trying to help fight a measles epidemic with you here.
  • Jesse’s battle with chickenpox is shared here, and Julian’s is here.
  • Richard’s recollections of having hepatitis here.
  • Maureen’s miserable memories of measles can be found here.
  • The McCaffrey’s have written an open letter about their daughter, and how pertussis took her life, here.
  • Dave Hawkes speaks of how his son was exposed to pertussis (whooping cough) here.
  • Jessica and Cecily talk about the reality of their experiences with measles here.
  • Marty tells his story about being a survivor of meningococcal disease here.
  • Here is Kelly’s story of influenza; how it took the life of her mother when she was a baby, how it affected her when she caught it herself a few years ago, and how it is still impacting on her life today.


On this website you will find general information about vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, advice on how to determine the quality of your sources of information, a series of frequently asked questions with lots of more reading and detail available via credible and verified links, and then much more detailed information on specific diseases and the vaccines that we have to protect ourselves from them.

As well as our website, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you are also welcome to contact us for more information.